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About GJI Software and Case Advantage

For the past ten years, George Jon Inc., a Chicago-based information technology consultant, has been working with law firms across the country. In that time, we've encountered a wide variety of hardware and software issues that plague law firms, chief among which was an inability to concisely streamline and consolidate case management functions. So we decided to create Case Advantage to help our customers be better organized.

We recognize that Worker's Compensation practitioners share a common, consistent, and complicated set of data management needs: documents, status docketing calls, global contact data, settlements, expenses, medical bills, and more. We have observed lawyers, like you, work increasingly harder as cases become more complex and labor intensive. One thing became clear: software programs used by Workers Comp lawyers in Illinois were obsolete.

GJI has spent the last five years working with some of the most successful Worker's Comp firms in Illinois, including Corti, Aleksy & Castaneda; Ellis M. Sostrin & Associates P.C.; Lusak & Cobb; Elfenbaum, Evers & Amarillio, P.C.; Brill & Fishel, P.C.; Richard D. Hannigan, Ltd.; Strom & Associates, LLC.; Thomas W. Duda; Joshua Karmel; and more.

We have developed Case Advantage so that it can be custom-fitted to your practice. Our Windows-based application has been created by lawyers, for lawyers (with the expert assistance of our talented engineers and techno-geeks, of course). Case Advantage software ‘thinks like a lawyer’, and provides simultaneous, multi-user, real-time download access to the status call data on the IWCC website.

The software has been fully tested, de-bugged, and fine-tuned in both high and low volume practices. We would love to set up a free demo and provide your firm with a written assessment of your current office technology. Feel free to contact us via email at via email, or give us a call at 312.698.7135.

If you practice before the IWCC, Case Advantage is sure to raise your bottom line ... and lower your blood pressure!

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