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Features & Benefits

Case Advantage is a case management program written specifically for lawyers practicing in the Worker's Compensation field. Case Advantage is a fully integrated, Windows©-based application designed to manage all aspects of your practice. From case intake to closing, the complete details of each case are available at your fingertips, allowing you to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.


Complete Schedule and Docketing System

  • Update calls from the Industrial Commission data directly into your system, including new line numbers, call dates, and arbitrators
  • Sort call data YOUR way: by venue, opponent, line number, employer, carrier, arbitrator, and more
  • Automatically highlight redline cases
  • Quickly enter and view motions and hearings, and post results to the case history
  • Multiple-user schedule keeps track of meetings and appointment

 Global Contact Management

  • System-wide corrections: when you update data in one place, it is fixed system-wide
  • Never enter the same contact twice -- re-use contacts just by entering a name
  • System-wide contact-to-record linkage makes updating a snap
  • Simple merge routine eliminates duplicate contacts
  • Record email address and multiple phone numbers for each contact


Total Document Control

  • Create sophisticated merge letters and seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Word®
  • Customize and freely edit all IWCC forms and settlement contracts
  • Unlimited custom settlement terms with simple merge routines and automatic calculations
  • Merge, customize and track subpoenas directly from existing case contacts
  • Internal document tracking automatically records document creation to case history

Settlement Planner
  • Functionality reflects “real world” of serial negotiations
  • Easy case consolidation system
  • Multiple body parts, variable rates, percentages of loss and TTD intervals on one set of Pinks
  • On-the-fly commutative conversions: dollars to percent loss/weeks, percent to dollars/weeks, weeks to percent/dollars, etc.
  • Automatic accrued-paid-owed calculation for multiple TTD intervals and rates
  • Quickly create present value graphs for multiple interest rates
  • Easily edit Terms of Agreement

Hardware and Systems Evaluation

Upon request, GJI Software will perform a FREE assessment and evaluation of your existing computer hardware and software capabilities and the status of that system as it relates to the installation of the Case Advantage software.

Data Conversion
GJI Software will work with you to make the transition from your existing case management system to Case Advantage a seamless and smooth exercise. We have extensive experience importing data from both Microsoft Windows© and DOS applications, including dbf files, Excel® files, Access® databases, and SQL databases. This includes contact information, case data, notes, expenses, and appointments. Additionally, GJI Software can assist you in importing and setting up merged documents using your existing letters and stationery.To ensure a smooth transition we typically work with you several weeks in advance to determine the extent of the data available and the best method of bringing the data into Case Advantage. The actual data conversion process is then performed at least once with backup data before the final import. This provides users with an opportunity to review the actual results in Case Advantage and make changes in the conversion process before the go-live date. Accounting conversion and setup can also be handled by GJI Software. To maximize the benefits of Case Advantage, we recommend using QuickBooks© Professional software, the standard for small businesses. GJI Software can provide a complete evaluation of your current accounting practices and then recommend the best approach to upgrade based on your particular needs. Most accounting systems can be successfully imported without any loss of account or case expense information.

Software Installation
Basic software installation is included in each licensed copy of Case Advantage. However, in most circumstances additional setup may be required depending on the current network configuration and hardware available.

Case Advantage is designed to be easy to use and learn. Experienced Windows© users can become proficient at most tasks with less than a week of use. However, it is highly recommended that each user receive basic training so that the Case Advantage can be used to its full potential. Training can be performed on a one-on-one basis, or in a group depending on your needs.

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