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Ken Wolfe
Wolfe Law, P.C.
[Case Advantage] is a terrific piece of software that has increased my efficiency dramatically.  I cannot imagine running my firm without it.


Michael J. Evers
Elfenbaum Evers & Amarilio, P.C.
Unlike other case management programs we considered, litigators designed Case Advantage. We're in our fifth year of use, and could not manage our complex, high-volume practice without it. According to our accountant, it paid for itself in eighteen months. It has improved our bottom line every year since.

Because Case Advantage manages all those crazy-making little details of our practice so well, we get to focus more on the art of lawyering.

You will not - will not! - regret adding it to your arsenal.


Richard Hannigan
I have been using Case Advantage since its inception. It is the single most productive addition to my office. It is a time saver. Never do I need to pull a file for telephone numbers, claim numbers or addresses. When the client calls I pull his file up on the computer and he knows I know his case. With Case Advantage there are no "I'll call you back once I find the file" delays. Once you add a name, number or address, it is in your database and therefore the next file. Throw away calculator. With Case Advantage, once you enter the average weekly wage, the program will calculate the temporary total and permanent partial rates. You can enter the percentage loss of use and it will enter the dollar value. It will calculate the present value of a wage loss differential or permanent total disability. I have recommended this product to numerous worker’s compensation attorneys. It is always nice to receive a thank for the recommendation.

Corti, Aleksy and Castaneda PC
Case Advantage has enabled our firm to handle more files. It is extremely convenient to have all the file information at the tip of your fingers instead of having to pull each file individually and flip through tons of paper.

As we were one of the first firms to use Case Advantage, there has been a great improvement in the software through the years, which in turn has helped us become more efficient when we are creating documents and speaking to clients, adjusters, attorneys etc...

Case Advantage has a great tool of being able to download information from the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission for each individual case. This is great and very time saving so we don't have to go to the commission web site for specific information. Once again, the information is at our fingertips.

Case Advantage is a wonderful program and has cleary had a direct and positive effect on our firm! 


Neal Strom
Strom & Associates
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the Case Advantage software system. Our law firm has used this system for over two years, and I am proud to state it really, really works.
We used to have another product and your system is easy to use and does a wonderful job in helping our office be exceptionally efficient and productive.

I heartily endorse your design and usefulness. Thank you for providing such a fine product.


Rachel Sostrin
Sostrin and Sostrin, P.C.

Working with Case Advantage has improved the efficiency and productivity of our office’s day-to-day processing of Workers’ Compensation claims. The system is time-saving, easy to access, and makes day-to-day activities more proficient. Attorneys can use the system to update themselves on the status of a case by reviewing case history notes with the click of a button, without having to search for the paper file. Even attorneys who are not computer savvy can effectively use the program since the system is easy to operate. Implementing Case Advantage has streamlined the day-to-day operations and effectiveness of our office. 

Dan Collins
Krol, Bongiorno, Given, Domin, & Gilhooly, LTD.
Our firm converted to the software approximately two years ago and are thrilled with the software.  The database allows us to make a singular change of an insurance company or adjuster's information (address, phone number, etc.) and have it changed on all files instantly. The system automatically coordinates with the Commission's website to keep our calendaring system accurate.  Most importantly, the system allows us to sort our files using a number of different parameters that allows us to easily track such things as above the line cases. One of the great benefits of the system is the ability to pull up a client's file in an instant and note the history of the case, their wage information, who their treating doctors are and when subpoenaed information is due. The software is a time saver and an effieciency increaser.
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